It’s been over a year since I was able to say this, but I can finally (and with great pleasure) state that I have class in the morning.

So, in the time-honoured tradition of students everywhere, I am staying up too late and, instead of doing any work that might help me be prepared for class tomorrow, I am killing time on the Internet. I don’t even have the excuse of not having any work to do. Just because classes haven’t started yet doesn’t mean I don’t already have homework. Anyway.

I haven’t written in the past week because I was too busy experiencing the perfect storm of enthusiasm, speechifying, introductions and general all-around-town silliness that falls under the title ‘Orientation Week’. Highlights of which included:

  • Free breakfasts and lunches in the quad every day. So much coffee. So many pastries. No regrets.
  • Speechifying and introductory lecturing from various faculty members while us 1Ls (1st year law students) shifted/dozed in uncomfortable chairs strategically placed to provide the worst possible line of sight to the speaker and the presentation screen. Some things never change.
  • An entire arcade/laser tag/whirly ball facility reserved just for us for an entire evening. For those of you who don’t know what whirly ball is (I didn’t either) imagine the following: 1) lacrosse, 2) bumper cars, 3) basketball and, 4) think of the preceding three items together. People in bumper cars, wielding lacrosse sticks, fighting for possession of a ball which they then throw at boards not unlike the backboard of a basketball hoop. Oh yes.
  • A pub crawl, in which orientation week leaders were glimpsed for the first time without their obnoxious red o-week t-shirts. They looked like *gasp* regular students.
  • A coffeehouse performance in which the sheer, unadulterated talent of my peers left me in awe. It also left me wondering how I managed to sneak into the midst of these amazingly creative and accomplished people.
  • Very  little sleep.


So that’s what I’ve been up to this past week. It’s been exciting, exhausting, and wonderful. Although all of us 1Ls just met, and we come from a huge array of backgrounds and experiences and have arrived at law school for vastly different and interesting reasons, I feel like we are building a community. One in which I can easily imagine making myself at home over the next few years. So here’s to OWeek and its inherent insanity, and here’s to meeting new and interesting people.

As for my decision to stay up late and procrastinate, I have this to say in my own defense: I actually did do the readings I needed to for tomorrow. I’m at least going to make it through the first day without falling behind. My main conclusion from my first set of readings: contracts are bizarre. 


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