What I learned in my first month of law school

Well, September is (almost) at an end, and I’ve been in Toronto for just over a month. Given that the whole point of moving across the country was to become a generally more educated person, I figure I should provide evidence that learning is in progress.

So here’s what I learned in my first month of law school.

1. When you buy cheap “under 35” seats to an orchestra concert, you may end up sitting behind rather than in front of the orchestra. As far as lessons go, it did not dismay me all that much – I can hear them wherever I sit.

2. Sitting on the balcony behind the orchestra is actually really entertaining, as it gives you an excellent view of the frenetic conductor – semi-crazed facial expressions and all.

3. Turns out you don’t have to know a lot of trivia to be good at trivia night. A group of four people with modest trivial knowledge and excellent guessing skills is just as useful.

4. Highlighter pens bought from the dollar store are liable to dry out after a single set of readings.

5. Whether this is due to the poor quality of the pens or to the length of the readings is debatable.

6. If you think you completely understood a case after the first reading of it, there is a significant risk you have drastically misunderstood the case.

7. If it turns out you did not misunderstand the case, there is an equally significant risk that the next one you read will completely contradict it.

8. Sometimes cases will seem to answer questions that nobody asked in the first place. For example: is the learned judge Lord Denning a fan of cricket? Answer: yes, absolutely, and woe betide the person who suggests cricket is a nuisance in his courtroom.

Those are just some of the interesting and unexpected lessons I learned in my first month here.

And that concludes this comparatively brief post! I could easily have said much more…but I had something weighing on my mind. That something looks sort of like this:


If a picture is worth a thousand words, but it depicts objects that themselves contain thousands of words, how many words is the picture worth?

Regarding the value in words of the picture, I have no answer. But I do know I will be reading many of the words pictured above in the near future. That I will, in fact, be compelled to read them multiple times. That I will take notes on them, adding to the overall word value.

And finally, I know that I will inevitably attempt to highlight what I believe to be the more important words…with a dried out dollar store highlighter.


One thought on “What I learned in my first month of law school

  1. Pictured here is Martin’s 2014 annual criminal code! (Beware it’s 6pt font size…)

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