A weekend of awesome

Okay, so thus far this blog’s few posts have concerned some of my experiences of Ontario and law school.

But there are more important things to talk about right now. After all, what have I really been up to lately? I go to class a lot. Then I come home and I read a lot for class. I make notes on those readings so I can talk about them in class. Lately I’ve not even been particularly good at most of those things because I’ve been ill and a combination the illness and the medication I take to fight it cause me to be very fuzzy-brained.


No, there are much more interesting things to discuss right now. Specifically, how incredible my brother is. Well okay, I have three brothers and they’re all amazing. But recently, Joe started at RMC and this past weekend I had the chance to go see some of the things he does while he’s at school. And I have to tell you, my mind was blown. I mean, just look at this.

ImageNot hardcore enough yet? How about this?


And people are impressed when I run empty-handed with lightweight, dry clothing? They need to stop that right now.

Not only that, but he goes to a school entirely populated by people who can accomplish things like the tasks depicted above.


Also, he’s not the first in my family to go through RMC’s halls.


Two current students, two alumni, and three consecutive generations of awesome.

Am I just a little bit over-excited by it all? Possibly. But you need to understand that despite my parents’ insistence that I did visit RMC at some point roughly 15 years ago, I really have no recollection of it. So this entire time I have known that my brothers are there, that my father and grandfather had both been there in the past, and I had no real idea what it all meant.

It was great to be with my entire family again for a weekend, not to mention a good deal of my extended family that I haven’t seen in ages. It was amazing to finally get to visit this place that I’ve heard so much about. It was, without a doubt, entirely worth leaving Toronto and my schoolwork behind for an entire weekend.

I am incredibly proud of both of my brothers at RMC, for everything they are accomplishing there. You’re both amazing.


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