New start for the new year

Well…it seems I have yet to get the hang of this whole blogging thing. As some of you may have noticed, I have not posted a word in some months now. Some of you have taken this to mean I got distracted (true), or busy (very true), or forgot (partly true, but mostly I just intended to write and never did). Others have taken it to mean that my life has remained more or less unchanged since whenever it was I last wrote (false, thankfully).

Anyhow it’s the new year so I thought I would try again. I won’t waste time with an exhaustive recap of all that’s happened since my last update. Here are few extremely generalized thoughts on everything that happened since then: my birthday and Halloween happened, as they are wont to do, near the end of October. I actually did do some reading for school during Reading Week in November, with the result that instead of being hopelessly behind on my work I was simply behind. I continued to run throughout, including a half-marathon relay with my lovely partner in crime running friend Allison, who came all the way from Victoria to visit. As December exams loomed nearer I told myself DON’T PANIC and then panicked a little bit anyway. As one of my Grad House friends remarked “you completely disappeared when December started.”

Then I wrote my exams and evacuated the city shortly before it was hit with an epic ice storm. By the time I came back the snow had (sort of) settled, the ice was still underfoot, and Torontonians everywhere seemed to be engaged in a constant game of one-upmanship as they swapped war stories of Christmas break.

As for where I stand now: I managed to stay on top of this week’s readings, but not caught up to those from last term. I’m still running, and training for a 30k in March, though due to the ice I have been sticking to indoor tracks. I joined my running group yesterday for an outdoor 13k and it was possibly the most terrifying Sunday run of my life, what with a lot of the sidewalks being too slippery even to walk on (never mind run) and all the times when my feet went in two completely unexpected directions. When I came home I did some gentle yoga and stretching to unwind from it – the first time this has been necessary, given that running typically relieves more stress than it causes for me.

As for how my first round of exams went: I have taken the liberty of writing a letter inspired by the various comments of my profs and my own assessment of how I felt about the whole process.
Dear Student,

It pleases us greatly to see that over the past few months some basic understanding of the law has, apparently, managed to sink in. In spite of your, shall we say, ‘creative’ translations of Latin terms you have convinced us that you have at least glanced at most of the assigned cases and properly noted at least a handful of the things we told you in class. Though your answers occasionally wandered off into tangents which caused us to wonder what exactly you thought we had asked you, your demonstrated ability to stay on topic the majority of the time and write in complete sentences has convinced us that keeping you around for another term is a reasonable proposition.
You will by this time have noticed that while we replaced the extremely uncomfortable benches in one of your classrooms with reasonable chairs, we have also moved you to the room with the second-most uncomfortable chairs, which have not been replaced. We believe this exercise builds character, and will help you to pay attention in the coming months. It is for your own good. You will thank us for it in April, we assure you.


Your Professors


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