The Law Student during Exam Period – an observation

Observation log of Dorctai W’eet, scientist aboard The Pegasus Harbinger.

Ship mission: investigating previously undiscovered inhabited planets on the behalf of the Uirg people of Bloobal Prime. Determine the advisability of contact with the newly discovered species.

Research Subject #593: human female, approximately 20-25 years of age.

0700 – Subject awake. She has moved into the kitchen area of her living space and commenced brewing a hot black beverage. Some degree of automaticity in her movements suggests she is not yet fully conscious and may not be completely aware of her actions.

0730Subject appears fully conscious, having drunk the black beverage and had breakfast. She remains in the kitchen area, staring at the portable computing device she brought with her.

0830Subject has not moved.

0930Subject has not moved. Remote access to her computing device successful. Subject appears to be reading various information files and is obsessed with reorganizing the information into a new file.

  • Copies of the information files have been sent to the language department for further investigation.


1030Brief movement from the subject as she obtains some more food and some water. Subject appears anxious or agitated – the retrieval of food involved an unwarranted amount of pacing. She has removed herself with her food and computing device back to her sleeping area and has resumed previous activity at the desk located there.

1045Subject appears to occasionally be speaking to someone. Remote access to her computing device reveals no apparent communications functions active. Unsure if this is evidence of telepathic ability of some kind.

1115Subject becoming increasingly distracted. Periods of complete inactivity in which she stares at computing device without apparent comprehension becoming more frequent.

1145 – Subject has abandoned computing device and has begun washing and changing her attire.

1215Subject appears to be preparing to leave her living quarters – packing computing device, papers, food and beverage into a bag.

  • Note – early reports from the language department reveal subject is examining public records of some kind. The degree of apparent stress and agitation this causes her suggests the subject disapproves of events described therein. Her region has been flagged for potential societal discontent, instability, or unrest. Further investigation is required.

1330 – Subject has relocated to a public gathering place where she has obtained more of the hot black beverage from the attendant and resumed her previous activity with the computing device. Subject is exhibiting anti-social tendencies: she has blocked off her ears with a headphone device and refuses to acknowledge or engage with other people in her immediate surrounding.

  • Note – all humans in subject’s immediate surrounding show clear preference for vocal speech. No evidence of telepathic communication is apparent. It is unclear why subject prefers to speak when alone and refuses to engage with her kind when in public. Further investigation is required.

1630Subject has returned home and has resumed ongoing activity with computing device. She has resumed infrequent periods of speaking, apparently to nobody.

1700 Subject has been joined by another female human with an identical computing device. They are largely silent and appear to be separately engaged in the same information-processing activity. Brief periods of conversation suggest they are discussing the information files, which the language department has confirmed are definitely public records, apparently of a judicial nature.

  • Note – both subjects display confusion and aggravation with relation to the information files, suggesting severe disapproval of societal matters described therein.

1930Subject’s companion has departed. Subject is again preparing to leave her living quarters. She is leaving her computing device behind – the first time she has been without it today.

2000Subject has arrived at a gathering place of some kind, possibly of some religious or spiritual significance. Subject and other humans therein have adopted lighter and less formal clothing and have begun to arrange themselves on mats. There is some socialization but the group is largely silent, apparently by consensus.

2030 Subject and companions are being guided by a leader of some kind through a series of balancing postures. Auditory translation software engaged. Instructions from the leader contain repeated references to sun, breath, and trees, and emphasize connection to the earth. Suggestive of nature worship of some kind.

  • Note – it appears subject belongs to a group who have rejected their human counterparts and idealize plant life instead. It is unclear if they themselves are attempting to become plant-like or are merely mimicking it in a display of reverence. Further investigation is required.

2130 – Plant ritual has ended and subject is preparing to leave. She appears relaxed and content, as do those around her.

2200 – Subject has returned home and prepared herself a meal. She has resumed previous activity with computing device. Apparent aggravation and anxiety has returned.

2330Subject has become tired and gone to sleep.

Preliminary Conclusions subject displays strong anti-social tendencies and apparent rejection of the company and habits of her species. It seems unlikely her habits are representative of societal conceptions of normalcy in her region. Observation to be continued for further investigation of this issue.


7 thoughts on “The Law Student during Exam Period – an observation

  1. I devour your blog entries like best seller short stories. Never cease to amaze me.

  2. Hope exams are going well! Stay strong antisocial earthling! Very funny 🙂

  3. That was hilarious and so true!!!

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