Farewell to the Apartment, farewell (for now) to the City

This morning I woke up and realized it was May 1.

Well, actually I woke up and realized my phone alarm is the most annoying sound I ever heard and lamented that my beloved radio/iPod alarm clock is in storage. Then I stumbled around in a sleepy daze gathering some things together and went to an early morning yoga class.

Sometime on the walk home, after I’d stopped for a much-needed coffee, it occurred to me that it is May 1. Just like that, 1L has come and gone. I know it’s been over for about a week now but today in particular it really sank in. For the past couple of days I have been running around like mad packing/sorting/cleaning out my life in preparation for my move. This morning my suite is eerily quiet and empty, filled with only myself and my suitcase. The only thing left to do is leave.

If I sound melancholy, know that I am not. Tonight I will be boarding a plane bound for France to start my summer job at Vimy Ridge, and I couldn’t be more excited. I am looking forward to being a tour guide again, to speaking French all the time, to meeting new people, traveling, and eating delicious bread and cheese all the time. Honestly, I’d probably go for the cheese alone.

All the same, I am leaving the apartment that has been my home during one of the most incredible eight months of my life, and that is never easy. Even when it’s a student apartment with concrete walls that I endeavoured to cover as much as possible so I wouldn’t have to look at them. So here’s to my graduate housing apartment – I may not always have liked the building itself, but I wouldn’t trade the friends and the memories for the world.

To all my lovely friends reading this – you’ll hear from me again very soon. Next time I write, I’ll be in France!

Time to go.

Time to go.


One thought on “Farewell to the Apartment, farewell (for now) to the City

  1. congrats on finishing and good luck with France! Looking forward to many pictures and adventures you’ll be having 🙂

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